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Hypoglycemic Diet For Weight Loss

Hypoglycemia is a lifetime condition that means people have low blood sugar levels problem. Diabetics often face this condition or low blood sugar levels. While, people without diabetes can also experience low blood sugar levels due to critical diseases, hormone absences, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain medications. People having hypoglycemia make more insulin than they […]

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Orange Juice Health Benefits

Orange juice is the most popular juice across the world and is a great snacking option. Taste-wise, it’s a sweet and little tart, making it tastier and a favourite beverage. As part of a varied diet and healthful, oranges promotes crystal clear skin and work as a power booster. It is an essential source of […]

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Guavaberry Benefits

Guavaberry or Myrciaria floribunda is the same plant. It is an evergreen tree that belongs or originates from the Myrtle family. It is a native of Caribbean country. This plant is available in countries like South America, Cuba, and parts of Jamaica. You can also get this plant in Haiti and Puerto Rico. However, this […]

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Foods To Eat When Constipated

Constipation is a common issue these days among people. People can often experience constipation when they are unable to empty their stomachs regularly. There are numerous symptoms of constipation including being unable to empty bowels, cramps, bloating, loss of appetite, upset stomach, hard/dry/lumpy stools occurring. Constipation keeps a negative impact on the digestive system. To […]

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Finger Root Benefits

Finger root is, well-known as Chinese key and Chinese ginger, scientifically known as Boesenbergia rotunda (L.). It contains various vital ingredients which are good for health. This delicious root is used in various Asian countries for preparing food as well. It is a beauty solution for teenage girls, a beneficial remedy for leucorrhea, and an […]

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Falsa Fruit Benefits & Nutrition

The biological name of Falsa fruit is Grewia Asiatica. It is a small fruit crop cultivated during the warm months. This plant is rich in Vitamin c and minerals. It is a native plant of Asia and other tropical countries. It is mainly grown in these areas. In the present time, this plant is considered […]


Facts To Know About Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is associated with low Blood sugar levels. Hypo stands for low, while Glycemia has to occur with the amount of glucose or sugar in human blood. In simple words, hypoglycemia has occurred when your blood sugar falls too low. It can cause various problems so that you have to consume fruits and vegetables in […]

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Dragon Fruit Side Effects

Dragon Fruits is a popular fruit, also known as Pitaya in India. The brightly pink coloured fruit looks like watermelon with black seeds and white flesh. The taste may be quite similar to kiwi but may taste worsen if eating for the first time. It is a civil fruit of America and South Asia but […]

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Cassava Leaves Benefits & Nutrition

Scientifically called Manihot esculenta or Cassava is a type of vegetable root or tubers. Cassava is essential a high source of vitamins and nutrients. Its leaves are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Purifier Cassava leaves are associated with a healthy and safe nutrient source. It is well-known for its roots and leaves. Leaves […]

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Breadnut Benefits & Nutrition

Breadnut is also known by the name of Brosimum Alicustrum. It belongs to the Moraceae family of flowering plants. This plant is a native of Indonesia and its adjoining places. You can also get this plant in some parts of the Philippines. The humid and tropical forests are suitable for the growth of these types […]

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Boldo Tea Benefits

Boldo tea is used as an herbal medicine in many parts of the world. The tea is prepared from the leaves of the plant. The scientific name of the plant is “Peumus Boldus”. It takes the shape of a shrub. You can find this tree in many mountainous regions. Usually, it is not possible to […]