5 Side Effects Of Bitter Melon Karela
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5 Side Effects Of Bitter Melon Karela

Bitter Melon is a green color vegetable that is widely used to treat and suggested for the patients of Diabetes, Psoriasis, HIV, Cancer, Low Sperm Count, and other skin related diseases. It is also known by other names like Bitter Gourd, Karela, African Cucumber, Balsam Pear, and many more.

Bitter Melon or karela used as a vegetable in Asian Countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Karela seeds are used to make medicines as well. Karela tastes bitter as it sounds bitter melon.

Side Effects Of Bitter Melon

Balsam Pear has many benefits but excess eating or if you are allergic then it has the side effects too. Today we check the side effects and disadvantages of Karela or Bitter Melon.

1. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Regular consumption of Bitter Melon or Karela juice can lower the blood sugar level. In fact, Diabetes patients drink bitter melon juice to control their blood sugar levels but a higher dosage of it can lower the blood sugar level too low. So take bitter melon as prescribed because it has side effects like lowers blood sugar level significantly.

2. Abdominal Pain

Excess eating bitter melon or drinking bitter melon juice can cause abdominal pain and bloat sometimes. So always take as per your doctor or physician prescribed.

3. Vaginal Bleeding

If you are planning for a baby or conceiving then it is not advisable to eat or drink bitter melon juice. Taking bitter melon or its juice has side effects like vaginal bleeding, abortion, and contractions.

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4. Liver Damage

Higher consumption of bitter gourd can cause liver toxins which result in liver damage. It contains Monorcharins and Morodicine so higher consumption of it can side effects and disadvantages for liver health.

5. Headache and Fever

As per the recent study, excessive consumption of bitter gourd seeds can cause headache, fever, and coma. So it is advisable to consume karela seeds as per your doctor prescribed.

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