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Fruits Health Benefits

Apple Health Benefits

As an old proverb “An apple keeps the doctor away” we describe the health benefits of apples and how can we make the best use of them. Did you know? Apple lists as the world’s healthiest fruit(1).

nutrition value of apple fruit

Here are lots of varieties in Apple fruit and it is known by different names in different countries all across the world. This fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and lots more other health benefits. You can eat apple raw, salads, Apple Pie, Apple juice, and lots more ways to eat an apple.

As you all know apple season is coming and this is good news for apple lovers. This fruit is high in antioxidants, pectin fiber which repairs our body cells. Apple helps you in losing weight, is good for skin, repairs cataracts, and has lots of other health benefits.

Nutrition Value of Apple

According to the USDA nutrient database(2), this fruit contains lots of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Apple is very rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber, potassium, and niacin which promotes good health.

This fruit also contains magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium which are very necessary for good health.

Health Benefits of Apple Fruit

Let us know how this fruit helps us with good health.

1. Heals Alzheimer

A recent study shows that if you drink apple juice regularly then it can fight Alzheimer‘s and reverse the brain aging effects. In this study, they feed an apple to the mice and take a maze test, and mice perform well besides a regular diet. So drinking apple juice regularly will stay away from brain nerve-related problems especially Alzheimer’s.

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2. Ultra-white and Healthy Teeth

Eating an apple will promise to stay away from tooth decay and gum problems if you eat on a regular basis because when you take a bite from it and chew. it produces good saliva in the mouth which reduces the bacteria. But it does not mean that you stop doing brushing your teeth. So eat this fruit daily and chances are high for fewer dentist visits.

3. Boost Your Immunity System

This fruit contains antioxidants known as quercetin especially found in red apples. This antioxidant boosts our immunity system and fights with stressed cells.

4. Digestive Friendly Fruit

This small fruit is very digestive in nature because it is very rich in dietary fiber which gives you good digestion. Adding this fruit to your regular diet also can help in the movement of the bowl which keeps away constipation.

5. Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a horrible disease that can cause swollen veins in the anal canal area, bleeding, irritation, and very pain while you poop. The main reason behind the hemorrhoid is much pressure on the pelvic and rectal areas. Adding fiber to your diet can heal hemorrhoids and as you all know Apple is a good source of dietary fiber. So adding an apple to your diet can help you to cure hemorrhoids.

6. Anti Cancer

fruits to heal cancer

Team of the American Association for Cancer Research(3) agree that daily intake of fresh apples can reduce the chances of pancreatic cancer up to 23 percent. Apple peel has also the capability to decrease the chances of colon, breast, and liver cancer cells. So, don’t throw the apple peel into the garbage because it has more nutrition value than the inner apple.

7. Reduce The Risk of Diabetes

apple benefits in diabetes

Apple has the potential to reduce the chances of diabetes. A recent study proves that women who take an apple a day can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes rather than those who don’t eat an apple regularly. This fruit is full of soluble fibers that can control your blood sugar level.

8. Averts Cataracts

Apple heals Cataracts

A recent study proves that if you add antioxidants to fruits in your diet then cataracts’ chances are cut down by 15 percent. We all know apples are very rich in antioxidants which are good for your eyes and complete body health. Adding one apple into your daily routine foods helps you to stay away from cataracts.

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9. Aid Anemia

fruits that heal anemia

Apple is a very rich source of iron which helps you to deal with anemia. It increases the red blood cells in the human body which averts anemia as well as gives oxygenation to the organ system. It also increases the regulation of red blood cells in the human body.

10. Strengthen Your Bones

apple makes your bones strong

Mabolo or velvet apples are good sources of calcium. Calcium promotes your bone muscles and tooth health and strengthens your whole body’s bones. You feel positive changes in your bones by adding this fruit to your regular diet.

11. Best Fruit For Detoxification

As we all know your liver is the detoxifying system in your body but what happens if your liver will be full of toxins. Thank God we have Apple in our fruit list yes you heard it right another benefit of eating an apple is it detoxify our liver. That is the main reason Apple is the most trustable detoxification fruit worldwide.

12. Avert Parkinson’s Disease

A recent study shows that the people who add fiber to their food list then chances are very less for Parkinson’s disease. This disease can cause a breakdown of the nerve system and brain cells. Apple is very rich in fiber so adding this fruit to your diet can prevent this disease.

13. Diminish Respiratory Problems

Velvet apples are really helpful in problems like cough, asthma, chest infection, etc. Velvet apples are very high in vitamin c and minerals which enhance your immune system and foster your health. This fruit is very helpful in cough and chest infections.

14. Avoid Gallstones

Gallstones very a common problem due to unhealthy and adulteration in food. The main cause behind gallstones is so much cholesterol in your bile and it became solid stone. Mostly gallstones occur due to obesity. Doctors recommend you add more fiber to your diet which has two benefits like reducing obesity and gallstones.

15. Protect Your Brain Cell

Drinking apple juice or eating this fruit is really good for your brain too. Study shows that this fruit has the free radical termination elements which are good for brain cell and brain health. This is the main reason Bramley apples can cure and avert Alzheimer’s disease.

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16. Skin Lightening

velvet apple benefit to skin

Apple contains collagen and elastin which help you in whitening and flawless skin. consuming red apples daily can brighten and pacify your skin.

17. Hydrate Your Skin

In this summer season, everyone is afraid of skin rehydration but no need to worry if you know the skin-related benefits of apples. Cut the peel from the red apple and apply it to your face skin. It will hydrate your skin and make glowing effects on it.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

What are The Benefits of Eating an Apple?

This fruit is very rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Adding this fruit to your diet can reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and many more.

Can Apples Helps You Lose Weight?

Because this fruit is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber which can reduce body fat. Dietary fiber also provides you good digestion which improves your metabolism.

What is the world’s healthiest fruit?

Here is a complete list of the world’s healthiest fruit and the list contains names like lemon, orange, mango, apple, and many other fruits as well.

Is Apple Good for Skin?

Apple peel is very rich in vitamins and minerals which are very good for skin curation and you all know this fruit is very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other health benefits. Apple reverses the aging process and averts wrinkles from facial skin.

How Many Apples Should I Eat in a Day?

Two apples a day is good for your daily body needs but if you are a diabetic then you have to limit your apple intake because this fruit is high in sugar.

Is Apple Really Healthy?

Yes, it is the best and healthier fruit.

Why is it good to eat an apple a day?

Apple is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Eating an apple on a regular basis can reduce the chances of heart attack and lowers the cholesterol level. Apple also improves your digestion and skin health. So eat an apple a day that can stay doctor away.

Which Apple is the healthiest?

Almost every apple has health benefits like red apple, green apple, and golden apple. But most people believe that green apple has more benefits for skin, weight loss, and hair health.

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