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Are Apples Good For Constipation?

Constipation is one of the most common disorders of the intestine. Do most people always ask Are Apples Good For Constipation? All of you must have suffered from constipation once in life. Though, it is not a serious problem; but, if you do not take proper measures, it can cause serious issues. The relation of apples with constipation is quite popular nowadays. You might have heard the famous phrase- ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. We will tell you why it is not just a phrase, instead of a significant quote.

Apple is a fruit of diverse benefits to humankind! However, its association with constipation is always a hot topic among doctors. Constipation is feared more because of its ability to cause social and physiological discomfort to people. Let us look at the effects of apple consumption in a constipated patient- Also Read Constipation Natural Home Remedies

Know More About Constipation

Unwillingness to pass stool due to limited bowel movements is known as constipation. To treat the cause, you need to know the etiology of the disease. Depending upon the etiology, experts classify it into two groups.

  1. Primary constipation: It refers to constipation arising due to localized diseases or problems in the colon or rectum.
  2. Secondary constipation: Occurs due to underlying systemic or organic diseases. It can also be due to the side effects of drug interactions. You have to take certain medications for treatment along with the consumption of an ideal diet, including apples.
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Pathophysiology Of Constipation

The primary pathophysiology behind the occurrence of constipation is way too much absorbance of water by the intestines. Certain diseases decrease the bowel movement; it causes the food to stay in the bowel for more than usual time. The more is the duration of stay in the intestine, the more will be the water absorption. Absorption of fluids causes the stool to be dry, thick, and hard. It creates an obstacle in the smooth passage through the rectum. Fruits like apples can readily help in enhancing gut motility.

How Does Apple Help in Constipation?

Apples are rich in vitamins and nutrients that enhance the metabolic activity of our bodies. Apart from these factors, apples are also rich in fibers. Apple is one of those few fruits that help in the treatment of both constipation and diarrhea.

  • Fiber content: The high amount of pectin fiber in apple peel helps to treat constipation. It increases the regularity of stool by enhancing the absorption in the gut. However, it can also be the reason behind causing constipation if not taken in the right amount.
  • Laxative effect: The most common medicine that a doctor prescribes to a constipated patient is laxatives and purgatives. Apples act as natural laxatives and ease the stool passage by smoothening the bowel movements.

That’s all about apples and constipation. Thank you!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Which apples are best for constipation?

Every variety of apple has a high volume of fiber and vitamins in it. Granny Smith Apples are known high a nutrition good to treat constipation. Granny Smith apples are green in color and easily available in the market.

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