Argan Oil Benefits
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Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil is a natural and organic oil to treat your hair fall. Hair fall becomes the second-largest spreading health problem after cancer. Because of stress and heavy workloads. Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree which is native to Morroco and has lots of health benefits for hair and skin.

Argan Oil Nutrition Data

  • Stearic Acid – 6.95%
  • Behenic Acid – 0.01%
  • Alpha-Linolenic Acid – 0.44%
  • Palmitic Acid – 12.5%

Argan Oil Benefits For Skin And Hair

Argan Oil Benefits And Uses

This oil contains useful fatty acids and nutrients it which are very helpful to the growth of hair and skin rejuvenation. Argan oil contains elements like omega 6, oleic, and linoleic acid which are responsible for fatty acids.

Argan Oil Benefits For Hair Growth

1. Good Source of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a key factor for hair growth and scalp care. All we know is argan oil benefits hair growth and scalp care. Vitamin E is available in many forms like essential oils and capsules in the market. Regular massage with argan oil to your hair scalp will enhance your hair growth and regular the blood circle of your head. Applying this oil to your scalp will regrow the follicles and strengthen your hair elasticity.

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2. Argan Oil Can Cure Cancer

Argan oil may slow the growth and reproduction of cancer cells into the human body. A recent study proves that adding argan oil into your regular diet can eliminate the cancer cells from the human body.

3. Argan Oil is Carotene Rich

Carotene is an element that strengthens and smoothens our hair. Carotene is also protecting our hair from damage and UV rays. So applying Morroco oil on your hair will give you carotene effects.

How Do You Use Argan Oil On Your Face?

Top 5 Benefits of Argan Oil For Hair

  1. Argan oil enhance hair growth as well as repair the baldness.
  2. This oil also strengthens our hair follicle.
  3. Argan oil also repairs your dry scalp and split hair problems.
  4. Hair damage with Sunrays is the most common hair problems but if you massage your hair with this oil then it can save you from hair damage with sunrays.
  5. This oil also used in many beauty products like shampoo, serum, and conditioner. If you are suffering from regular itching on your scalp then using one of these products made with argan can help you.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

Can I Use Argan Oil For Skin Lightening?

Yes, this oil can be very handy if you are dusky or dark skin. It also reduces dark spots and skin pigmentation. Just follow this recipe. Wash your face with face wash and do a hand massage with argan oil on it for 5 minutes.

Is Argan Oil Good For Curly Hair?

Of course, this oil is good for any kind of hair whether it is straight, curly, rough, silky, or any other type.

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