Cassava Leaves Benefits & Nutrition
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Cassava Leaves Benefits & Nutrition

Scientifically called Manihot esculenta or Cassava is a type of vegetable root or tubers. Cassava is essential a high source of vitamins and nutrients. Its leaves are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Purifier Cassava leaves are associated with a healthy and safe nutrient source. It is well-known for its roots and leaves. Leaves of Cassava are also known as a byproduct that is particularly rich in Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn and Ca. The leaves contain a significant amount of Vitamin A and Riboflavin. Check out the amazing health benefits of Cassava Leaves.

Nutritional profile

1. Rich in Protein – Cooked Cassava provides a high amount of protein, hence consumption of 100 grams offers 3.7 grams of protein in return which is good for health. Like eggs and soybeans, Cassava leaves contain different types of proteins. Also, it has valine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, and arginine which are usually not found in any leafy plants. Cassava’s leaves provide 10 times more protein than its roots, making them a good source of protein.

2. Rich in Fiber – Cassava Leaves have a good amount of fiber which helps in growing probiotic bacteria, as a result, makes the immunity system stronger. The fiber content offered by Cassava Leaves also prevents constipation problems.

3. Good Source of Vitamins – Cassava leaf contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B. While, Vitamin C helps to prevent strokes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, vitamin B is good for vitality and metabolism. Potassium offered by Cassava Leaf makes your bone and teeth stronger whereas zinc is good for a strong immune system.

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Health Benefits of Consuming Cassava Leaves

1. It helps to relieve headaches and fever.

2. Consumption of 7 boil Cassava Leaves helps to treat diarrhea.

3. Regular Consumption of Cassava Leaves helps to treat blurred or weak eyesight.

4. The cassava leaves helps to increase apatite.

5. Cassava Leaves can be used for treating premature aging.

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