Hearing Loss Infants

Causes Of Hearing Loss In Infants

Hearing loss is a widespread issue, and also in infants as well. In infants, doctors and experts call it “Pre-Lingual,” which means that hearing loss before learning to speak. Well, hearing loss shows a huge impact on the auditory brain, which is the most active part in the early stages of a human.

It is the brain part where all the learning and the speaking related process happens in the brain. But because of hearing loss, this brain part’s development starts getting affected by the time. Here in this post, we will take a look at the significant factors that cause hearing loss in infants.

But before first, let’s take a look at how someone can identify that her baby or infant has a hearing loss problem or not.

  • If your baby or infant doesn’t react upon high volume or loud sounds, your baby possibly has the hearing loss issue.
  • In case if your baby doesn’t wake up with a loud sound, then also it indicates that your baby has this serious issue.
  • For better clarification, you should go to a doctor for a full in-ear checkup; this is how you come to be so sure about it.

Now let’s look at the common factors that usually cause hearing loss in infants.

Reasons Behind Hearing Loss In Infants:

Specific Infections

Most commonly, this type of problem occurs when pregnant women have Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. The bad thing about this virus is that it can move from pregnant women to babies, and it can promote the hearing loss issue. If any women diagnosed with this virus, then usually doctors prefer to do the early assessment. Some other infections are also present, such as Toxoplasmosis, syphilis, and herpes can also carry a higher risk of hearing loss in babies.

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Medications Can Also Be  A Solid Reason:

Do you know that there are 200 types of drugs or medications present that can promote the hearing loss issue in infants? Especially when pregnant women intake these drugs or medications.

Genetics: Around 50 to 60 percent of the time, the hearing issue occurs in infants genetically. Sometimes it happens when a baby got issues or diseases from generations. Suppose if a person has a specific genetical disease, then it can transfer to his or her grandchildren as well. And in some cases, it might happen that the middle generations only work as the carrier for the defective gene.

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