Celery Benefits For Men
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Celery Benefits For Men

Celery is nutritionally very rich and it offers several health benefits, especially for men. Followings are the some of Celery Health benefits for men are discussed here.

This Is Why Celery Beneficial for Men

1. Increase Sex Power

Celery is useful in increasing the sexual capacity in men. It is full of minerals along with the organic phthalide & helps to control seminal fluid and functions of the prostate gland. It also opens blood vessels by soothing the muscle lining. It also allows increasing the blood circulation in the lower part of the body and helps in maintaining the erection.

2. Increases Male Fertility

Celery is full of vitamins & minerals that work as antioxidants. Celery is good for maintaining health and issues relating to sexual disorders. Even eating celery regularly, helps in improving fertility for most men. It also contains a bulk of nutrients that makes it highly proficient to eat.

The compound coumarin is a part of celery, which is stuffed in the cells and helps in reducing free radical destruction and mutations. Coumarin also controls the size of prostate glands and seminal vesicles without having to alter testosterone concentration. Also, Read Banana Benefits For Men

3. High In Energy

The unique feature of Celery is the high content of the water it has. Having Celery after having sexual activities always helps. The Celery helps to revive faster. It provides much-needed nutrients like magnesium and potassium along with high content of water. When you eat several stalks of celery after having a long sexual activity it is similar to having an energy drink or having some sports drink.

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4. Control Blood Pressure

Celery is also effective for people having low in fat and also suffer from high Cholesterol. It helps in controlling the lower compounds effectively along with blood pressure.

5. Celery Attracts Women

Celery contains a steroid called Androstenone and it spreads a scent after consuming Celery.  Even the scent can be spread through sweat if you consume Celery in large amounts. It is claimed that this scent attracts women.

Tip: Celery can be eaten raw or can be added while making soup or salad during lunch. Use it on daily basis for better results.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Does celery build sperm?

Celery Oil is used to enhance sperm count. As per belief Celery oil mixer with vitamin E can enhance your sperm count. Because it contains aldosterone an element that increases the testosterone level in males.

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