Disadvantages Of Acupuncture
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Disadvantages Of Acupuncture

Here are some of the most prevalent disadvantages of acupuncture that one should be aware of before undergoing treatment.

Disadvantages Of Acupuncture

1. Fatigue

Some people report feeling fatigued after acupuncture. This usually subsides within a few hours of starting the treatment, although it might linger for up to 3 days in some persons who are particularly sensitive.

You should not be concerned about this because it is pretty normal at the start of the session. It is essentially a warning sign that is in need of rest and that you must attend to its demands.

2. Soreness

A little soreness may be felt in the areas of the body where the needles were inserted following the treatment. This is particularly frequent in sensitive places such as the hands, foot, and big intestine. Typically, the discomfort subsides within 24 hours of the therapy, but it may persist for several days in certain circumstances. A muscle twitch is also a common side effect of acupuncture treatment.

3. Bruising

After receiving acupuncture, it is fairly typical to experience minor bruises at the needling site. As a result of the blood that collects at the spot where the needles puncture the skin, this phenomenon occurs.

4. Lightheadedness            

Only a small number of persons suffer lightheadedness following treatment. If this is the case, you should take some time to rest after receiving the treatment. Avoid getting up soon after the treatment; instead, lie down just on the acupuncture table for a few minutes and take many deep breaths. Also, always consume a little before your session in order to avoid such a predicament.

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5. Emotional outburst

Occasionally, people cry or become overly emotional when receiving acupuncture. This does not occur due to the fact that the therapy is too painful. It is caused by the release of a specific amount of energy, which can result in an emotional outburst. Because acupuncture is used to treat both physical and mental ailments, the emotional release that occurs as a result of therapy is also an indication that the therapy is effective.

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