Disadvantages of Aloe Vera
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Disadvantages of Aloe Vera

Traditionally used Aloe Vera has various medical properties to treat skin disorders, hair falls, and stomach problems. Aloe Vera comes in form of gel which helps to heal wounds, burns, and treats fever, inflammation, and cold sores.

But there are various possible side effects & disadvantages of aloe vera. Some of them include itching and burning of the skin, blood sugar, blood in the urine, kidney issues, diarrhea, stomach ache and cramps, liver issues, muscle weakness, heart disturbance, weight loss, low potassium, etc. Long-term use and a high dose of aloe can cause mentioned issues. Let’s know more about the disadvantages of Aloe Vero:

Disadvantages of Aloe Vera

1. Aloe Vera Get may cause various allergies like skin-related allergies, skin rashes, irritation, burning sensation, redness in the eyes, and itchiness.

2. Having Latex in Aloe leaves can lead to stomach issues. These come from the underneath skin of the plant. Most people can be allergic to latex. Some of the common issues related to stomachs include stomach cramps, low potassium, irritation, etc. But there are various benefits of using latex on the skin. Researches have shown latex from aloe recover wounds and burn scars.

3. People with diabetes must consult a doctor or expert before drinking aloe juice. It can cause diabetes blood sugar levels to drop. Due to laxative effects, aloe vera may enhance the chance of electrolyte disproportion in people with diabetes.

4. Aloe vera consists of bio-active compounds which can easily restrict the liver’s detoxification process. As a result, causing heart issues & health complications.

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5. Most of the common side effects of consuming aloe juice are stomach disturbance. Aloe has latex which can cause ache in the stomach and cause excessive cramps. People dealing with stomach issues avoid drinking aloe vera juice.

6. Aloe Vera may reduce the level of potassium, as a resulting weakness, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat.

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