Disadvantages Of Anjeer
Fruits Side Effects

Disadvantages Of Anjeer

Individuals’ exposure to dangers linked with figs might vary based on how they consume them. This is covered in further depth in the sections that follow. Let us read all disadvantages of eating excessive Anjeer or fig.

Disadvantages of Anjeer

Check out the following disadvantages and side effects of Anjeer.

1. Medication interactions

Figs, both fresh and dried, contain a significant amount of vitamin K. It is recommended that people on blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin avoid eating figs since the vitamin K concentrations in their diet must be maintained at a regular level.

2. Diarrhea

Because figs have a large amount of fiber, consuming an excessive amount of figs — particularly dried figs — might result in diarrhea.

3. Allergies

Figs may also cause an allergic reaction. People sensitive to birch pollen were found to have a high proportion of dermal allergy tests against fresh figs, according to research conducted by scientists in Vienna.

In particular, whereas 78 % having birch pollen allergy seemed to have a positive patch test to fresh figs, the vast majority of them accepted dried figs, according to the study.

4. Heavy on Stomach

A large number of figs consumed at one time can be quite filling and induce abdominal discomfort. While it can be beneficial for individuals who suffer from constipation, it can also be detrimental to those who do not suffer from constipation. It is beneficial to drink cold water after consuming figs if you have stomach problems.

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5. Bloating

Figs, in addition to causing stomach aches, can cause bloating. Drinking aniseed water can aid in the treatment of the condition.

6. Sun Sensitivity

While figs are effective for the treatment of chronic skin problems and also in the therapy of skin tumors, they can be harmful to the skin since they increase its sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. It might also cause skin rashes as a side effect. If you eat figs daily, you should avoid lengthy sun exposure to avoid skin-related concerns.

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