Disadvantages of Coffee For Skin
Side Effects

Disadvantages of Coffee For Skin

Coffee is the second-largest morning drink and people love to drink coffee on daily basis. Drinking coffee can give you instant energy but did you think that drinking coffee has disadvantages for the skin. Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine that is not good for your skin. Let us know the side effects and disadvantages of drinking coffee for the skin.

Side Effects of Coffee For Skin


As per some recent study taking cup of coffee can worsen your pimples and acne. If you are a coffee lover and also have pimples or acne then drink good amount of water.

Dehydrate Your Skin

Coffee is a natural dehydrator and drinking more than 2 cups of coffee in a day can dehydrate your skin cells. Coffee causes your dry skin just like alcohol and sodium does. so if you have dry skin already then avoid or limit your coffee can be beneficial for your skin.

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