Disadvantages Of Earpods On Health
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Disadvantages Of Earpods On Health

When Apple released Earpods in 2016, these Bluetooth headphones became instantly popular, prompting millions of consumers to join the bandwagon and purchase the product. People debate whether or not Earpods are worth it in light of recent evidence from academics indicating that the risks associated with these headphones are escalating. In this article, you will find the disadvantages and side effects of using accessive earphones or headphones.

Scientists are concerned about the usage of electromagnetic radiation released by Bluetooth devices and have advocated for stronger limits on Apple’s Earpods, which were introduced in 2015. In 2011, the WHO published a report stating that electromagnetic field radiation (EMF radiation) may induce malignant health concerns.

Disadvantages of Excessive Use of Earpods

  • Bluetooth-enabled Earpods are wireless headphones that link straight to your Apple device through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, which is also called the channel and is used by a large number of devices.
  • Due to the fact that Earpods run on radio waves, so by placing this gadget in your ear, such waves can travel through the ear canal and into your body, there is growing concern about this technology.
  • Many individuals aren’t aware of the dangers that Earpods can pose to their health.
  • College students, in particular, rely on Earpods on a regular basis for the convenience of traveling around campus & attending online courses. Experts believe that Earpods are vital for maintaining concentration, mainly when studying.
  • They believe it is critical to have a way to block out background noise or listen to the music if it enables you to concentrate. Although researchers are vigorously concerned about the possible risks Earpods may pose, there is not enough information available on EMF radiation and Bluetooth devices to determine what exactly Earpods may do to the body over the long term.
  • Thus, one should avoid wearing Earpods all the time and use them whenever necessary.  
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