disadvantages of junk food
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Disadvantages of Junk Food

Nowadays, children are consuming more junk food instead of eating healthy. Junk food and drinks are bad for health, as it has low nutritional value and is high in calories, sugar, salt, fat & kilojoules. Some fast food like sandwiches, sushi, and salad can be healthy but the rest are harmful to your body.

Regular consumption of junk food can cause obesity and stomach issues. Also, it can trigger eruptions of acne and scars. Eating an excessive amount of unhealthy junk food can lead to enhanced blood sugar levels & insulin resistance. Some other disadvantages of junk foods are as follow:

Disadvantages & Side Effects of Eating Excessive Junk Food

1. Digestion Related Issues

The major cause of eating junk food is having various digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastroesophageal reflux disease. They also lead to constipation, bloating, obesity and acidity. This is because most fast foods are rich in sodium. Extended sodium preserves the accumulation of water in the stomach, as a result, you feel bloated. Also read Best Fruits To Treat Constipation

2. Weight Gain

According to health experts, fast food consumption can increase the risk of obesity in any age group. Fast food like pizza, fried chicken, sandwiches, fries enhances the excessive weight in your body. People losing weight should avoid eating fried and junk foods items.

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3. Raises Heart Disease Risk

Fast foods like pizza, cookies, soda, fries, and pastries are high in trans-fat and sugar, thereby raising the risk of heart attacks and diseases. Because trans fat is known to reduce good cholesterol (HDL) & enhance bad cholesterol. Regular intake of oily food puts you at risk of heart attacks.

4. Oral Issues

One of the major drawbacks of eating fast food is the risk of cavities and tooth decay. They offer acid in the mount that exposes bacteria and breaks down the tooth coating. Junk Food also enhances the risk of osteoporosis and weakens your bones.

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