Disadvantages of Milk Tea
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Disadvantages of Milk Tea

If every day is started with a cup of tea, especially tea made of milk, then the body feels active & energetic. Most people consume this beverage compulsorily as it cures fatigue during a busy work schedule. Tea made from milk has numerous health benefits include it may protect you from various heart diseases but it also has lots of disadvantages if drink excessively.

 It contains various anti-inflammatory properties which help to be active & relax. But excessive consumption of milk tea is harmful to health. For instance – too much sugar is not good for people with diabetes. There are various harmful effects of drinking milk tea. Let’s discuss:

Disadvantages Of Milk Tea

1. Insomnia

Insomnia or Sleep sickness is a major issue these days. People who regularly consume more than 2 cups of tea may face the problem of sleep disorders. Beverages like tea & coffee are rich in caffeine which can cause insomnia. Milk tea also affects your mental health and enhances anxiety, restlessness, and tension.

2. Constipation

Due to the high amount of milk & sugar, some people have constipation problems. This is because milk tea contains a chemical called theophylline which detoxifies your body. Too much consumption of theophylline chemicals can cause constipation.

3. Stomach Bloat

The tea and coffee contain caffeine which causes your stomach to blot. This is because caffeine increases gas production in your stomach. As a result, stomach upset, stomach ache, disturbance of digestive tissue, discomfort, anxiety, and depression.

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4. Acne and Pimples

Do you know that consuming too much milk tea can enhance pimples and acne? Minimal intake of tea can help to detoxify your body. But excessive consumption of milk tea can produce extreme heat and imbalance in body chemicals. Hence, it can cause acne and pimples on the face.

5. Imbalance in Blood Pressure

It is one of the most dangerous disadvantages of consuming too much milk tea. It is leading to high blood pressure and increases your heart rate if consuming limitless.

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