Finger Root Benefits & Uses
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Finger Root Benefits

Finger root is, well-known as Chinese key and Chinese ginger, scientifically known as Boesenbergia rotunda (L.). It contains various vital ingredients which are good for health. This delicious root is used in various Asian countries for preparing food as well. It is a beauty solution for teenage girls, a beneficial remedy for leucorrhea, and an alternate treatment of miscarriages issues.

Finger root helps to treat inflammatory diseases, while its leaves for relieving allergies, itchiness, and poisoning. Various infections can treat by using finger roots. Some study indicates, finger root is packed full of isolated bioactive compounds, that prevent the risk of developing the disease in the body.

Different Uses of Finger root

  1. In Thailand, this delicious root is used to prepare Thai cuisine called Krachai which is popular worldwide.
  2. Many countries like Thailand, India, China, and Indonesia use finger root as a vegetable, also use it to flavoring pickles and cuisines.
  3. This plant is also used as a remedy for colds, flu & cough, used as a tonic to cure stomach pains.
  4. You can also use it to treat rheumatoid issues.
  5. This plant has full of antibacterial, medical, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. It can prevent the development of dengue fever.
  7. It contains components like Pinostrobin that bring anti-ulcerogenic properties.

Various Health Benefits of Finger root

1. Helps to treat Vaginal Infection

A Combination of Finger root and other herbs and spices helps to treat vaginal infections. Especially, women face vaginal infections due to yeast, STDs, Bacteria, and fungus candida. The rhizomes of Boesenbergia rotunda are also used for curing leukorrhea which is caused by a discharge of mucus from the vagina. Finger Root has lots of health benefits for women’s overall health.

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2. Dental Care

Finger root can be used for treating tooth decay, cavities, mouth irritation, tooth and gum diseases, and mouth odor.

3. Treatment of Infections and Viruses

Fingerroot has medical properties, thus used for treating chest infections, cough, cold, asthma, viruses, and Fever.

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