Fonio Health Benefits & Nutrition
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Fonio Benefits & Nutrition

Fonio is a diabetic-friendly grain that originated from Africa. It is known as the oldest cereal and grain in Africa. Fonio has lots of health benefits and high nutrition and it is also known as acha and Acca. As per African people, fonio was founded 5000 years ago.

Fonio Nutrition Value

Fonio is a powerhouse of nutrition and also has lots of health benefits. It contains low cholesterol, good fat, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and a good amount of iron.

Fonio Health Benefits

In this article, you will find the plethora of health benefits of Fonio grain. Let us check and finds the health benefits of fonio.

1. Diabetic Friendly Food

Fonio contains no sugar value and a low glycemic Index that makes this grain sugar-friendly food. Eating fonio can reduce high blood sugar as well as control insulin in your body.

2. Gluten-Free Grain

It is the best food or grain for people who have wheat allergies. They can opt for Fonio because it is a naturally gluten-free grain. People who have toxic effects of gluten in their bodies can eat fonio without any issue.

3. Low GI

Fonio contains the resistant starch that easily absorbs into your small intestines and did not disturb your body’s GI. Slowly absorbed foods have the least effects on sugar patients this is why fonio is a diabetic-friendly food.

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4. Rich Amino Acids

Amino Acids are a very essential part of our daily routine diet. They produce the protein in our body and are responsible for overall body growth. Fonio contains cysteine and methionine these two amino acids are very rare and found in very limited food items.

5. Energy Booster

If you are looking for instant energy food or energy booster grain then adding fonio into your diet can be really beneficial for you. Because it contains a good amount of iron, vitamin b3, and b1 that is a perfect combination of instant energy.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Is fonio good for babies?

Due to the high amount of dietary fiber, it is very hard to digest so avoid giving fonio to your baby or infant as it is not prescribed by physicians and doctors.

Is fonio high in carbs?

This is a high carbohydrate cereal as it contains a high amount of carbs and if you are looking for a good carb food or diet then adding fonio into your regular diet can be really beneficial for you.

Is Fonio Good For Diabetics?

Fonio is considered one of the best diabetic-friendly pulse and food. It contains insulin-secreting properties. So if you are diabetic then you can add fonio into your diet.

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