Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping
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Foods To Avoid Before Sleeping

Getting sound sleep is also an issue among many of us. In order to get a good sleep one has to practice having good food, sufficient water & healthy habits. You should avoid the following foods before sleeping.

These foods to avoid before getting Good Sleep

1. Alcohol & Hard Drinks

You should avoid drinking wine before going to bed. You should not take alcohol or beer just before going to sleep. Consumption of alcohol before sleep can cause obstructive sleep apnea and makes a person snore loudly. It can also cause acid reflux during sleep. Avoid taking heavy foods before sleep. If the food is heavy it takes a longer time to digest. Fried cheesy and fatty foods can cause indigestion and make you restless during the night.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods

Avoid taking spicy foods that can create a problem during the night. The spicy food raises the body temperature and could disturb your sleep completely. Avoid taking acidic food which can also trigger acid reflux in the body. The raw onion, pieces of lemon, white wine, sauces & chutneys can cause heartburn and you won’t sleep.

3. Gassy Foods

Avoid gassy food that can make sleeping difficult due to the mild stomach pain and the gases. The food made of vegetables and fruits can be good for health but not during the night because they can keep you up late during the night.

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4. Avoid High Water Content Foods

Avoid food with high content of water because it will make you go to the bathroom during the night several times. Never have fruits like cucumbers, celery, or watermelon at night.


Instead, you can have sleep-inducing foods during the night and it will help you to have a sound sleep without any disturbance. You can have milk, almonds, cherries & bananas during the night to have a sound sleep.

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