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Fox Nuts Nutrition & Benefits

The Fox nuts or lotus nuts are small in size but offer several benefits. Let us discuss some of the benefits in detail.

When you eat fox nuts in a sufficient amount during snacks, it not only makes you stay full for long but it offers enough protein too. The Fox nuts are most ideal for weight loss because these nuts are low on calories. It also has saturated fat in a negligible amount which makes the nuts healthier to eat on a regular basis. 

Health Benefits Of Fox Nuts

1. Good Source Of Magnesium

The Fox nuts are good for the heart also. These nuts are full of magnesium and it keeps improving the quality of blood in the body and also helps the oxygen level to rise. The Fox nuts have folate along with magnesium that reduces the risk of coronary heart disease due to the low level of magnesium.

2. Control Blood Pressure

It also includes a high amount of potassium and a low amount of sodium. The potassium keeps the blood pressure low among the people suffering from hypertension and the low sodium allows the blood pressure to remain under control.

3. Makes Your Bones Strong

Fox nuts are full of calcium and it makes the bones stronger if you have them regularly in your diet. The Fox nuts are full of calcium and minerals which are always required by the body for strengthening the bones.

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4. Fox Nuts are Anti Aging

These nuts also work as an anti-aging agent as they contain a high percentage of flavonoid and kaempferol. These elements slower the aging process of the body and avoid the formation of wrinkles and graying of hair.

5. Treats Constipation

Fox nuts are also full of fiber content and it allows improvement in the digestion system along with the bowel movements. These nuts are also known as the best fruits to treat constipation. Your problems of indigestion & constipation will come under control. The regular diet of Fox nuts also helps your respiratory system to get better and also prevents issues relating to excessive urination.

Bonus Tip

The Fox seeds look so small in size but they offer several health benefits to all of us. Regular usage of these nuts will improve your health fast.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Can We Eat Makhana Daily?

Eating 3-5 pieces of makhana or Fox Nuts can be beneficial for you. It can enhance your skin’s beauty, bones health. It is better to eat Fox nuts in raw form rather than fried makhana.

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