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Fruits That Lower Blood Sugar

Are you diabetic? Trying to avoid fruits just because they can increase your blood sugar levels? Then you are making a mistake. It is very safe to eat fruits even when you are diabetic if you are making the right choice like fruits with low GI value. Here are some fruits that lower blood sugar levels:

Thes Fruits can lower your blood sugar Level

1. Berries

Be it blueberries or strawberries or any other berries; they are just good for a diabetic person. In fact, they are superfoods as they are high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants as well. You just need to make sure that you are not popping too many of them into your mouth. As per recent study 1 people who consume blueberries and grapes have lower chances of type 2 diabetes.

2. Cherries

The next superfruit on our list is the Cherries. The GI value of cherries is pretty low, and so it is healthy for diabetic people. It is always good to go for fresh cherries as dried and canned cherries will have added sugar in them. Added sugar will increase your blood sugar levels. Always read the label before you buy one. 

3. Apple

A fruit that does not need any kind of explanation is Apple. It is known to everyone, even a kid – “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Just one Apple has a wide range of vitamins, fiber, and minerals as well. The GI value is also 39 only. You can have it at any time of the day without any worries. 

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4. Peaches

Peaches are seasonal fruits, and whenever they are available, it is always good to make sure that you are having a few of them. It has a GI value of 28, and so it is very safe for any diabetic person. They have natural sweetness, so you should try to eat them fresh. Do not try to add them to desserts as that can increase the GI value. 

5. Oranges

With GI value 40, here is another super fruit that can be added to your list. It has Vitamin C, and with just one orange, you will be able to grab all the amount of Vitamin C that is required for one day. Along with that, it is very useful in boosting the immune system. You can make fresh juice or eat them directly. Not just oranges, any citrus fruit can be added to your list. 

Note: All you need to remember is to eat them at moderate levels. Do not overeat them. When taken in excess, any food can cause a problem for your health, even the healthiest food.

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