Gulkand Uses & Benefits
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Gulkand Uses & Benefits

Gulkand is also known as Rose Jam, Rose Petal Jelly, and Rose Petal Jam which is used for making organic skin products, and eating Gulkand have lots of health benefits. It is a mind-blowing combination of sugar and fresh rose petals. This sweet preserve is also used for ulcer, gastritis, acidity, dysmenorrhea, foul, hypertension, nosebleed, stress, body odor, palpitation, constipation, etc. Traditionally, rose petals are used as an Ayurveda medicine and also used for making sweet dishes. It is also used with other Ayurveda medicine like Mukta Pishti and Praval Pishti to cure diseases occur due to excess heat in the hot season.

Uses of Gulkand

Gulkand is sweet but the in rich properties make it unique. Also, it helps you to get rid of various health issues like constipation, stress, heartburn, excessive heating, and so on.

Health Benefits Of Eating Gulkand

  1. Gulkand is a cool herbal preparation thus it helps you to get rid of burning sensations in palms and soles.
  2. People suffering from Gout must consume gulkand regularly. Its rich properties help to reduce uric acid levels significantly.
  3. It is also beneficial to cure wounds and cuts. Also, it helps to diminish pain in heels.
  4. Keeps your mind calm and relaxed. Besides this, it discharges mental stress effectively.
  5. Gulkand is a general tonic and mild purgative which helps ultimately helps to get rid of constipation. You should try gulkand remedy before consumption of heavy medicine dose. You can add fibre rich fruits and vegetables to your kid as well in your diet.
  6. Ayurvedic physicians suggest eating Gulkand to reduce the side effects of painkillers and antibiotics that cause burning sensation, acidity, ulcers, nausea, etc.
  7.  Often kids experiencing nosebleeds which is a major issue of summer. You can use gulkand as a natural remedy to prevent and treat nosebleeds.
  8. Regular consumption of Gulkand helps to reduce the impact of sunburn.
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