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Health Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is a natural antidote of all diseases if it uses in a good and proper manner. Checkout the Surprising Health Benefits of Triphala. Triphala a combination of three herbs i.e Amalaki, Haritaki, And Bibhitaki.

Amalaki can cure health problems like ulcers, anemia, diabetes, jaundice, hair fall, and skin related problems. Haritaki cure urinary and digestion related problems. A combination of these three herbs called Triphala and it can give you a solution for almost every health problem.

Health Benefits of Triphala

Triphala can be used as a natural ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Let us check the unlimited health benefits of Triphala.

1. Diabetes: As per some alternative medical practitioners, belief Triphala can balance your blood sugar level and they prescribed it as a diabetic medicine. Adding this herb into your regular routine can prevent the digestive (glycolytic) enzymes that lower the glucose level into the blood.

As per the recent study Taking 5 grams of Triphala powder for 1 and half months can control the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

2. Improve Eye Vision: If you are suffering from eye problems like cataract, conjunctivitis and pink eye drinking Triphala juice or Triphala powder can be really helpful for you. Take 1/2 spoon of Triphala powder with warm water regularly can heal the eye problems within a month.

3. Enhance Digestion: Best alternative medicine for the people who suffer from digestion problems like Constipation, diarrhea, piles, and kidney stones. Taking it regularly can good for the bowel movements and passing your stool consistently.

Triphala enhances your gut health. You can take it in juice form or powder form both will be helpful to good digestion.

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4. Treat Urinary Tract Infections: Urinary tract infections are very hard to treat due to unresponded bacteria and here Triphala comes into their own. Taking Triphala in any form can treat your Urinary Tract Infections. It also known as the best alternative medicine to treat the UTI.

5. Weight Loss: Triphala powder enhances the process of metabolism that leads to healthy weight loss. Triphala recommended by most yoga practitioners and gym coaches to shred the extra pounds from the body. The recipe is so simple to take 1 spoon of Triphala powder and drink it with warm water regularly you will feel a new energy and lose extra belly fat from your stomach area.

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