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Healthy Foods in India

Many people have a hard time finding nutritious and convenient meals that they can eat every day. While many people associate Indian cuisine with unhealthy fats like butter and ghee, what if we told you that most of the healthiest Indian food can be both delicious and good for you?

Here Are Some Of The Best Healthy Foods In India

Legumes and Pulses

The healthiest Indian food is made up of pulses, beans, and other legumes. In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also high in protein. Vegans and vegetarians, who abstain from eating animal products, can turn to legumes and lentils as a good source of protein.

Vegetable Curries

Curries made with vegetables are well-known for their rich flavor and satisfying texture. You can make an Indian vegetable curry that is both nutritious and delicious. Vegetable curry can be made healthier and more flavorful by following healthy meal tips and techniques, such as reducing the amount of oil used and using yogurt instead of heavy cream.

Steamed Rice

A staple food in every Indian household is rice which is an essential part of the diet. It’s cheap, healthy, and filling, so you won’t feel hungry for long. Even though a lot of people thought that Indian food without rice is unhealthy, eating steamed brown rice can solve this problem.

It is lower in calories and higher in fiber than white rice. Your brown rice can be served as an accompaniment to a vegetable Indian food or lentil dish for a healthy meal.

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Dhoklas, a popular Gujarati delicacy, are well-known Indian street food. This dish has to be included in our list of the healthiest Indian foods! Steamed dhoklas are popular because of their low caloric and high fiber content. It’s low-calorie Indian food that’s good for you and won’t derail your weight-loss efforts. That it tastes great and has a lovely texture is the best part of it all.

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