Here is Why Tomato Juice Can Be A Good Option For Diabetic

Here is Why Tomato Juice Can Be A Good Option For Diabetic

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As cool as it sounds, diabetics are not something that you should neglect. There are many reasons for such a comment. One of the most important things about diabetes is that it could make almost every disease complicated, and it makes the body more prone to diseases.

This is why millions of dollars are spent on diabetics research each year. However, with the side effects of chemical medicines coming to light, more and more people depend on natural food to get rid of diabetics.

One of the most common and important natural food that is rumored to help cure and control diabetics is tomato juice. But, some people still do not believe that tomato juice could help with diabetes. However, here is everything you need to know.

Tomato Juice and Diabetics

Put simply, diabetics is the increase in blood sugar in the blood; however, here is a more complicated and detailed explanation. For a diabetic patient, there is a lot of pro-inflammatory markers that will contribute to an increase in platelet aggression, if the platelet aggression could be reversed, diabetics could be reduced.

In a study conducted by a top university, 14 people were recruited with an age between 43 to 82, all of them a diabetic patient. Blood samples were collected before consuming tomato juice (sample A) and after consuming tomato juice, the blood sample was collected (Sample B). When they were compared, samples A and B, they found platelet aggression in the sample, B to be lower than in sample A.

Conclusion based on the study

In the beginning, no conclusion could be drawn, as they could not find why consumption of tomato juice decreases the platelet aggression and hence reduce diabetics. However, now we have a partial answer to the question. One of the people Manohar. L. Garg. Who has deep insight into the study, mentioned that tomato has a substance named P3, which is a jelly-like and found around the seeds, this substance possesses anti-aggregator effects.

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Tomato has sugar content in it, which makes people afraid to consume it. However, consuming tomato juice in a limited amount will not have any negative effect on your health. But, it is best recommended that you do not consume too much tomato juice as it could cause acidity.

Bottom Line

Consuming tomato juice is not usual, and most people don’t consume it under normal circumstances. However, we recommend that you consume some tomatoes or tomato juice every now and then as it could help you avoid, prevent, and control diabetes.