7 Home Remedies to Cure Hiccups
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Home Remedies to Cure Hiccups

Hiccups are the sudden reflexive contraction of the diaphragm muscle. Hiccups are very irritating and sometimes cause serious problems. Today we discussed how to cure hiccups with natural home remedies and what are the causes of hiccups.

Most of the time our digestive system heals the hiccups by itself and we do not require any medical help. But sometimes the situation gets worse with hiccups because it can cause your lifestyle and serious health problems.

Thanks to ancient people who make some natural home remedies to treat hiccups easily. Some people called hiccups digestion disorders or some claim it will occur if you eat food very fast. Today we discuss home remedies to treat the hiccups naturally.

Causes Of Hiccups

Neck nerve irritation can cause hiccups(1). Here are also other reasons why hiccups arrived. Read the following reasons why hiccups come.

Overeating: Some people eat their food very fast. This may be a reason you are suffering from hiccups because foods that are laced with alcohol, sugar, oil, and fat can cause hiccups. So avoid taking acidic foods too fast.

Serious Disorders: If you regularly face hiccups then it can be real health problems like strokes, trauma, brain tumor, and renal failures (2). I strongly recommended seeing the doctor if hiccups arrive regularly.

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Home Remedies For Hiccups

Deep Breathing: Sometimes deep breathing can really help in the hiccups. So the thing you have to do is deep breathe and stop your breath for 3-4 seconds(Disclaimer: Don’t do this if you suffer from any breathing problems like asthma or any and do not hold your breath for more than 4 seconds). It will disrupt the irritation of the diaphragm nerve from the brain. This is the most effective home remedy to cure hiccups.

Gargling with Water: Take one glass of lukewarm water and gargle with it for 2-4 minutes it will cure the hiccups naturally.

Bite a Lemon: If you are suffering from constant hiccups then take a half piece of lemon and suck this lemon. Lemon is a very good source of vitamin C and this vitamin is very helpful to cure hiccups. So next time hiccups come, just take a lemon and cure the hiccups naturally.

Breathe into Paperbag: Take a paper bag and place it on your mouth and deep breathe and breathe out into the paper bag. Don’t use a plastic bag.

Honey & Castor Oil: This ayurvedic recipe is very ancient and effective too. If you regularly suffering from hiccups then take one tablespoon of natural honey and one spoon of castor oil. Now mix it together. Dip your finger into it and lick it. Repeat this home remedy 2-3 times a day you will definitely get relief from the hiccups soon.

Peanut Butter: Take one spoon of peanut butter and eat it slowly. The breathing pattern will be disturbed and hiccups will be stopped.

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Hug Your Knees: Hold your knees towards your chest. This is the natural way to stop hiccups. Because this technique will relax your diaphragm and prevent hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions Hiccups (FAQS)

How Do I Stop Hiccups?

Yes, you can stop hiccups by yourself just do the natural home remedies suggested by our experts.

What Are Hiccups A Sign Of?

Hiccups are a very common problem across humans. It can occur because of your eating habits or lifestyle. But if hiccups come regularly then you have to visit your doctor.

What Is The Purpose Of Hiccups?

Hiccups can come due to indigestion and it is a respiratory activity. If you eat quickly or drink too much alcohol then chances are very high you may have suffered from hiccups.

Can Hiccups Kill You?

Hiccups occur due to your eating habit as if you eat quickly or drink very quickly. Sometimes this problem can be serious which can cause weight loss, depression, fatigue, and death in weak people(3).

Why Do I Keep Hiccuping?

Here are lots of reasons you keep hiccuping some of them are you eat quickly, depression, anxiety, drinking lots, or serious disorders. If hiccups come regularly then you have to visit your doctor.

How Long Can Hiccups Last?

It depends on your condition and lifestyle. Most of the time it will last some minutes and not need medical attention but if you face hiccups regularly after a short time then it can be a serious concern. Concern your doctor will be advisable.

Why Do Adults Get Hiccups?

The main reason for hiccups are overeating, diaphragm muscle, itching, and your lifestyle these can be the cause why adults get hiccups.

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What causes persistent hiccups?

Hiccups are a very normal thing most of the time they will disappear after some minutes and also it depends on your lifestyle and overall body health. If hiccups are persistent then you have to visit your doctor.

Hiccups Treatment at Home

We describe the home remedies to treat the hiccups at your home. You can check and apply our home remedies but after that, if you will not get the relief then it is advisable to visit your doctor.

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