Home Remedies To Treat Smelly Feet
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Home Remedies To Treat Smelly Feet

The bacteria and sweat build-up can cause the smelly and stinky feet, and in our view, there is no one like this type of badly smelling feet. Right? But if your feet usually acquire the terrible smells of sweat and bacteria build-up, you have to do something to remove it. Here we will share some most believed home remedies to treat smelly feet; you can also try these remedies.

1. Putting Tea Soak On Work

To use this remedy, just put three to four tablespoons of black tea leaves in a hot water container. Then make sure to brew it for at least five to seven minutes, then you can move forward with it. Now soak your feet in this mix of water and teal leaves for at least 40 to 45 minutes. Keep in mind that you have to soak your feet until the water’s temperature comes to neutral.

2. Try To Keep Your Feet

Because the main thing that makes your feet stinky and smelly is the sweat, which means if you somehow keep your feet away from sweat, you can solve this problem. The better solution is that you should always keep your feet dry or in contact with air. If you have to wear socks, then wear the socks that come with the breathable fabric material.

3. Using Vinegar

To use vinegar to treat your smelly feet, just take a container full of warm water. Then after you should add one cup of vinegar in this water container. Now soak your feet in this mix of water and vinegar for at least 30 minutes. Try to repeat this process twice or thrice in a week, because the acid content will help you remove the bacterial build-up from your feet’s deep corners.

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4. Maintaining Proper Foot Hygiene

With the small lifestyle changes of better foot hygiene, you can resolve the smelly feet problem permanently. Like you should switch to the cotton-based or breathable fabric material of soaks instead of the normal ones. You should wash your feet multiple times in a day with antibacterial soap. And also, make sure to keep your feet dry as maximum as possible.

5. Give A Try To Alum Dusting

Alum dusting is a great solution to minimize the moisture in content, which can also help you maintain the moisture in your feet. Use alum dust powder to clean or soak the moisture from deep corners of your feet, which can prevent the bacterial build-ups and, ultimately, the smelly and stinky feet. Try these home remedies to treat smelly feet at home.

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