How to Use Ajwain For Weight Loss
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How to Use Ajwain For Weight Loss

Ajwain is an Asian spice, also known as carom seeds (in English). It is used for making Indian food more delicious and favorable. These tiny seeds have a bitter pungent taste which helps in the absorption and digestion of food. Not just this, they are various other benefits of ajwain including help to improve digestion, improve metabolism, helps to reduce unwanted weight. Here we discuss how to use ajwain in different ways for losing weight:

Ways To Use Ajwain Water For Weight Loss

1. Ajwain with Water

Ajwain and water is the best solution which helps to burn more calories throughout the day. To make ajwain water, you should have fresh drinking water and ajwain. Take one teaspoon of ajwain and add to in one liter of boiled water. Turn off the flame when the water turns into golden color. Let it be cool down. Fill this drinking solution in a bottle and sip it before breakfast.

2. Raw Ajwain

You can start eating a spoonful of raw ajwain early in the morning. Keep a gap of one hour between consuming ajwain and having your breakfast. This eating habit of ajwain will make your digestion stronger and better. Regular eating ajwain can help you lose 1 to 2 kg weight in one and half months easily.

3. Ajwain with Honey

Honey is another healthy ingredient that contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in a bulk. The combination of ajwain and honey helps you in regulating your metabolism. You can burn your excess body weight in a month by eating these two ingredients together.

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To prepare a solution, you need to have 25 grams of ajwain seeds and 250 ml of water. Soak ajwain seek overnight in 250 ml of water. Rinse the water and add one teaspoon of honey it drinks. Start consuming with an empty stomach for quick results.

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