Hypoglycemic Diet For Weight Loss
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Hypoglycemic Diet For Weight Loss

Hypoglycemia is a lifetime condition that means people have low blood sugar levels problem. Diabetics often face this condition or low blood sugar levels. While, people without diabetes can also experience low blood sugar levels due to critical diseases, hormone absences, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain medications. Check out our hypoglycemic diet chart for weight loss. People having hypoglycemia make more insulin than they need when eating. You can manage these symptoms by keeping balanced in your diet.

Tips To Eat Balanced Eat

  • Intake of small meals doesn’t depend on large meals per day. Throughout the day, you can consume a meal every 3 to 4 hours. Food including trans. fats or saturated fats are not good for a person with hypoglycaemia.
  • Start consuming food with a low GI score.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks or drinks and never mix alcohol with fruit juice or any other sugar-filled mixers.
  • Start eating foods high in soluble fiber.
  • Consume lean protein.
  • Give preference to complex carbohydrates.
  • Eliminate refined or processed sugar.

What To Eat For Breakfast?

After waking up, start eating small meals with lots of protein. Here is a complete list of food items that you must add to your diet.

1. A whole-grain bread or brown bread & Boiled eggs with Cinnamon (Cinnamon is a good source of protein that helps reduce blood sugar levels).

2. A protein-packed oatmeal with agave, sunflower seeds, and blueberries.

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3. Plain yogurt with honey, fruits, berries, oatmeal, etc.

4. One glass of fruit juice.

What to eat in Mid-morning snacks?

Apple with Cheddar Cheese, Banana with seeds or nuts, one slice of whole-grain bread with Avocado spread, A glass of low-fat milk

What to eat at Lunchtime?

Tomatoes, veggies, chicken, chickpeas, grilled fish, salad, a baked sweet potato, and cooked veggies

What to eat in Mid-afternoon snacks?

Whole-wheat bread, legumes, brown rice, broccoli, veggies, and much more

What to eat for Dinner?

Take protein and carbs as much as possible.

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