Is Cantaloupe Good For Diabetics
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Is Cantaloupe Good For Diabetics

Many people may think that cantaloupe is bad for diabetics because it is sweet. But, in actual it is considered good for blood sugar levels when it is well under control. According to various health experts, the consumption of cantaloupe is beneficial for skin, hair, and eyesight during the aging process.

Research has shown that eating cantaloupe can reduce oxidative stress in the kidneys, support heart health, and recover blood glucose metabolism.  Just like everything includes fruits, vegetables and snacks there are tips for diabetics to eat cantaloupe safely. Let’s have a look:

What are the benefits of consuming cantaloupe if you have diabetes?

Cantaloupe is related to the Cucumis family that are in rich Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They contain a good amount of dietary fiber that is good for health. Other than that, they have zero fat content and some sugar present. However, eating 100 grams of cantaloupe is enough and healthy for diabetics.

Cantaloupe consumes widely, especially in summer. It contains high water properties that cool down body heat and also combat dehydration. The juicy flavor of cantaloupe and anti-oxidants protects and improves eyesight. Thus, eating cantaloupe in diabetes is not bad for health. The high recommendation by expert diabetes educators is that including cantaloupe in a regular diet is essential for diabetics.

What are the risks of consuming cantaloupe if you have diabetes?

It is a major concern among diabetics bursting of blood vessels and macular degeneration when having high blood sugar levels. There are majorly two types of diabetes thus recommendations differ for both. Cantaloupe is a combination of a high glycemic index and sugar. Thus, half a cup to a cup is for type 2 diabetic and an adequate amount of cantaloupe is good for type 1 diabetic.

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