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Is Carrot Juice Good For Diabetes Patient

All of us have a question like Is Carrot Juice Good For Diabetes Patients? People suffering from diabetes are always in doubt about what foods they must eat and what foods they must avoid. One such category of food is carrot juice. There are a lot of debates that go on the internet about whether carrots or carrot juice are safe to be consumed by diabetes patients. So, is carrot juice good for diabetes?

If you are looking for a short answer then the answer is – yes, but only for low blood sugar levels. However, do not forget to check on the detailed analysis given below

1. Carrot Juice Is Good For People With Hypoglycemia

When you are someone who suffers from hypoglycemia you must notice or have symptoms of blood sugar levels dropping throughout the day. In such situations, carrot juice can help immensely. when carrots are juiced the fiber gets removed and you only consume the starch in them. For hypoglycemic patients, this is a good thing.

2. Carrots Juice Is Not-so-good For People With Hyperglycemia

With hyperglycemia, patients have spikes in blood sugar levels. Such spikes are usually seen after meals however this can also happen when one consumes even very small amounts of food. As mentioned earlier, in juicing the fiber content gets removed and the starch that remains in carrot juice causes an instant spike in the sugar levels. You do not want this if you are hyperglycemic!

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3. Juicing Carrots Is Not A Good Idea (Sometimes)

Consuming raw carrots is probably the best way to consume them. Many people also believe that cooked carrots cannot compete with raw carrots. Because cooking carrots only increases their GI value. Other than this, the removal of fiber content is the major problem with juicing. This is because fibers are known to slow down the process of glucose conversion. With juiced carrots, such benefits are never achieved.

4. Intake of the carrot juice must be limited

Even when you have taken account of everything given above you must still be cautious before you go into your kitchen to juice those carrots. The thing with diabetes is that the patients should keep track of their carbs intake after each of their meals. If they don’t, the carrot juice will simply create an imbalance in the sugar levels. Hence, try having it only when you know what your carb intake has been throughout the particular day.


I hope you find the answer to Is Carrot Juice Good For Diabetes Patient? Every natural food is a gift by nature. However, that does not mean that you can stop being cautious. Especially when you are diabetic everything must be considered well. Try reading each pointer and its discussion given above before you decide anything. We hope that we helped you with your query.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Will Carrots Raise Blood Sugar?

Raw, boiled, and cooked carrots contain a very low glycemic index and this vegetable can be added to a diabetic diet.

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