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Kiwi Fruit Disadvantages

Kiwi is a famous fruit, although it is rare. It is an excellent source of vitamin C that is known to provide several health benefits. It has a sweet flavor, and many people love to eat this fruit. But overconsumption of the kiwi fruit can cause some side effects.

Side Effects of Kiwi Fruit

Here we have the kiwi fruit disadvantages that you need to know.

May Cause Allergic Reactions

This is one of the main disadvantages of eating kiwi fruit. Some people are generally allergic to this fruit, so they shouldn’t consume it. But it is not easy to know if one person is allergic to this fruit before consuming it.

Some symptoms of allergic reactions caused due to the kiwi fruit are vomiting, swelling & rashes, itchy throat, and mouth irritation. So, if you are allergic to some fruits, you should consult your vet before eating the kiwi fruit.

Some studies suggest that those who are allergic to latex can be allergic to kiwi as well. In this case, you should avoid consuming the kiwi fruit. 

Can Interact with Some Drugs, Herbs, And Dietary Supplements

Kiwi is known to have antifungal properties. So, it can cause side effects if it is eaten with antifungal medicines. This fruit can also increase the bleeding effects if it is consumed with some medicines such as aspirin, heparin, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anti-platelet drugs.

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Kiwi fruit has a high number of serotonin, which can affect people who consume SSRI drugs. SSRI drugs usually increase the level of serotonin. So, these medicines and the kiwi fruit can cause cooperative effects on serotonin levels. This is the reason why you need to be cautious when eating kiwi.


Many people love to eat kiwi fruit. But it is good to know the side effects of this fruit before you consume it in excess amounts. As discussed above, the consumption of excessive kiwi has several disadvantages. 

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