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Lychee Health Benefits

Lychee or litchi is a fruit that mostly comes in the summer season and lots of people like this fruit. Lychee has lots of Health Benefits like rejuvenating the skin, good for hair, Anti Cancer Fruit, Good for Bones, Control blood pressure, Increase metabolism, Aid digestion, Good source of vitamin C, and many more health benefits.

What is Lychee?

what is lychee
What is Lychee

Lychee’s scientific name is Litchi chinensis and it comes from the soapberry family. Summer is the perfect time to eat lychee. Litchi is very juicy and sugary in taste. Litchi fruit is belonging to China and South East Asia. This fruit grows on evergreen trees and is rounded in shape.

If we talk about the looks of litchi then this fruit looks alike Rambutan and Longan. The Outer part of the lychee is rough and textured and you can remove it easily. The Inner part of the lychee has a pulpy white color fluid and a brown color seed in it.

How To Eat Lychee?

Take litchi and wash it with the water. Now remove the outer part of it inside you will find a white fluidic part peel it and remove the brown color seed now eat it. This fruit is a very sugary flavor and has lots of minerals in it. Enjoy the Litchi.

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Lychee Nutrition Value

A recent study of USDA states that Litchi is full of nutrients and minerals like Vitamin C, Niacin, Potassium, Fiber, Protein, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Copper, and folate(1). 100 grams of lychee fruit contains the following nutrition value.

  • Lipid Fat – .44
  • Magnesium MG – 10
  • Potassium K – 171
  • Vitamin C – 71.50 mg
  • Niacin – .60mg
  • Vitamin B6 -.10mg
  • Dietary Fiber – 1.30

Lychee Calories Per 100g

Lychee is a very good source of calories and it contains 66 calories per 100 grams.

Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit

Litchi has lots of health benefits like increasing metabolism, good for heart, Prevent Cancer, and many other health benefits. Read the following to know about more health benefits of lychee fruit.

1. Increases Metabolism

Elements like high dietary fiber and vitamin B complex make this fruit metabolism friendly. Also, this fruit is very good for people who are suffering from low insulin due to bad metabolism because it has elements like antioxidants and flavonoids(2).

2. Aid Digestion

Lychee has a good amount of dietary fiber which helps to add the bulk waste to your stool which leads to a healthy digestion system. This fruit also helps in the bowel movement and intestines muscle as well as the food processing in the digestive system.

3. Averts Skin Aging

As you grow older in life your skin aging comes and wrinkles occur on your face. You can erase your skin aging with the help of litchi. Here is a simple recipe for making a mask for skin aging with lychee. Take one peeled banana and 4 lychees make a paste of it. Now apply this paste on your face and wash your face after 20 mins. You will notice your skin glowing and looking young with this method.

4. Decrease The Sunburns

Sunburn is a condition when sun radiation burns the skin tissues which can cause tanning and blisters on the skin. Lychee has vitamin E which can be really helpful to the skin. Take two pieces of litchi and squeeze it Also add a vitamin E capsule in it add mix it with litchi juice. Now apply it to the affected area.

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5. Anti Cancer Fruit

Lychee has anti-cancer properties. This fruit is loaded with flavones which can help to fight deadly health problems like cancer and many more. Lychee has elements like quercetin, flavones, and kaemferol which helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

6. Good Source of Vitamin C

Litchi is loaded with vitamin C and all we know vitamin C has lots of health benefits. Antioxidants and vitamin C in the lychee can shield you from oxidative and radicals which can cause stress. It also can avert the chances of degenerative disease and arthritis.

7. Increase The Immunity

Lychee is a very good source of vitamin C and did you know? this fruit can fulfill your daily requirement of ascorbic acid which results in a much better immune system. Antioxidants and vitamin C in litchi are balanced the white blood cells in the human body.

Why Lychee is Good For The Skin?

As you become old your skin produces more free radicals. Free radicals may damage your skin which causes skin wrinkles. Lychee has elements like antioxidants that mix with free radicals and averts skin damage(3).

Side Effects of Lychee

As this fruit has lots of benefits so that does not mean it has no side effects as we all know excess of everything is bad so let us describe the side effects of Litchi.

1. Allergic

Litchi can be allergic to people who have already been allergic to sunflower seeds, latex, and mugwort. So please concern your doctor before the use of litchi.

2. High Blood Sugar

If you are suffering from diabetes and high blood sugar then litchi can be not so good for you. Lychees are very high in sugar and this sweet fruit can increase your blood sugar level. So if you are diabetic then you have to control your lychee intake.

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3. Avoid Litchi in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or plan your baby then you have to avoid eating lychees. Intake of litchi can cause hemorrhage and infections to your body.

4. Hot in Nature

Lychees are very sweet and tasty in flavor but according to the Chinese methodology litchi is a very hot fruit so, eating an excess of litchi can give you mouth sores, bleeding nose, and other digestion-related problems.

Lychee Recipes

Here are lots of recipes of litchi like Litchi custard, mango and litchi punch, and lots more. Check here for the latest lychee recipes.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

How Many Lychees in 100g

If you will buy medium size lychees then they can be 4-5 pieces in 100 g.

Where To Buy Lychee

As you know this is digital time so you can buy lychee offline as well as online. Here are lots of facilities online like Flipkart, BigBasket, and many more.

Lychee Sugar Content

This fruit has 15 g sugar in every 100 g.

Is It Bad To Eat Too Much Lychee?

Yes if you eat anything in excess then it can be harmful t you and give you many side effects.

Are Lychees Good For You

Why not, Lychees has a good amount of vitamin C and antioxidants which can give you many health benefits. So eating the required amount of litchi is a good option.

What Does Lychee Smell Like?

Lychee or litchi is a similar smell to a juicy grape. Because it also has properties like grapes and oranges.

Is Lychee Fruit Good For Weight Loss

Yes, it can be helpful if you want to lose your extra belly fat. Because this fruit is very high in fiber and vitamin B complex.

How Many Seeds in Lychee Fruit

Most of the time you will find one brown color seed in lychee fruit but sometimes two seeds can also occur in this fruit.

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