Mexican Marigold Uses
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Mexican Marigold Uses

Mexican Marigold, scientifically known as Tagetes Lucida commonly found in Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) and South America. These flowers are also used for Hindu ceremonies in Nepal and India and are entitled with the God Shiva & the Goddess Bhagwati. It is also used for weak digestive issues involving stomach pain, intestinal worms, dysentery, colic, rough appetite, and gas. You can also use it to cure fluid, sore eyes, coughs, colds and retention. Some of the health benefits of Tagetes are below-mentioned.

Different Uses of Mexican Marigold or Tagetes

1. Tagetes reduce blood pressure, decrease inflammation and spasms, and cool the nerves because it has various beneficial ingredients.

2. Mexican Marigold’s whole parts are edible including leaves, shrubs and roots. Therefore, the whole plant is a tranquillizer, digestive, calming, stimulant, painkiller and febrifuge.

3. You can use it to treat diarrhoea, nausea, colic, malaria, feverish illnesses, indigestion and sore eyes.

4. Hiccups can be cured by soaking its leaves in water and then swallowing.

5. With extracts of Mexican marigold, you can cure those who had been hit by electric shock.

6. It helps you to remove ticks, and to treat scorpion bites.

7. Mexican Marigold is well-known for its medical aspects in western Mexico.

8. This plant is used to reduce the central nervous system.

9. Lucida is one of the widely used medicinal plants for the treatment of digestive disorders.

10. Its herbs are used as a tea to calm stomachs, for intestinal pains, to ease the symptoms of a hangover and to relax nerves.

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11. You can also use it to treat rheumatism.

12. Lucida’s leaves use to prepare food powder for flavouring sauces and soups.

13. Leaves of this plant is used to decorate any food items such as salad, fish, etc.

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