Natural Antibiotics to Add to your regular Diet
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Natural Antibiotics to Add to your regular Diet

Antibiotics are always in demand because of their wound healing and anti-inflammation properties. Most people do have not enough knowledge that how to take antibiotics drugs to take relief from any kind of sickness and disease. This is the reason behind some people notice the side effects after eating antibiotic drugs. Check out our list of natural antibiotics that you can add to your regular diet.

Did you ever know? these antibiotics drugs are made from natural herbs and spices extracts. So why not do you replace your antibiotics with natural resources. Followings are the natural antibiotics to add to your regular diet.

List Of Natural Antibiotics To Add to Your Diet

1. Turmeric

curcumin an anti-inflammatory compound founds in Turmeric makes turmeric a powerful herb to treat wounds and inflammation. This is the huge reason behind people add turmeric powder into the milk and drink t before bedtime.

2. Ginger

This herb contains terpenoids, zingerone, gingerol, and flavonoids. Ginger is a very common herb that is mostly found in every Indian kitchen. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties and works as a natural antibiotic.

3. Garlic

Garlic or Lehsun is the best anti-inflammatory herb and fights all kinds of bacteria. Salmonella and Allicin is the main compound that repairs inflammation. Eating Garlic on an Empty Stomach has lots of health benefits. Taking 2 cloves of garlic empty stomach in the morning can be really beneficial for you.

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