Otenga Fruit Benefits
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Otenga Fruit Benefits

OTenga is a famous plant in India. It is known by different names like O Tenga, Elephant Apple, and many other names in different places. You must know this plant by the name of Chalta. It is a superior fruit with which you can prepare many delicious dishes. It is pronounced as an Ou-Tenga which signifies “sour”. You all must have tasted it. In many parts of India, this fruit is used in making Chatnis. These plants grow big and have green leaves. If developed properly, you will get the chance to see abundant OTenga all over the tree. It looks beautiful in all aspects. Let us check out the Otenga benefits & uses.

Benefits or medicinal value of Otenga:

Let us discuss some of the medicinal values of OTenga.  It will be good to know about the values.

  1. This fruit is good for treating heart and diabetic issues. If you have diabetics you must try consuming this fruit. It will help you to a great extent.
  2. The fruit also helps in aiding digestion and increasing the appetite to a reasonble extent. You can take it raw or can consume it by preparing some dishes. It will help you.
  3. The pulp of the otenga fruit, if mixed with water and applied on hair and scalp, can give you the best effect. It will glow and give you a shiny look.
  4. Research has also shown the fact that this plant is good in treating anti-bacterial issues. You can try it for a better experience.
  5. The medicinal properties of this plant are huge. You can have this plant grown on your premises. They need less care and maintenance. If adequately grown, the plant can give you the best fruits within a short time.
  6. This fruit is also rich in Vitamin C. So, you can use it for increasing the vitamin c level in your body, which is much required.
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