Petai Health Benefits
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Petai Health Benefits

The Malaysian food, Petai, is a great choice for adventurous foodies. Also, it is a must-try food for people who are fond of tasting new foods. The food has no pungency or spiciness and tastes like garlic. Although too much of Petai is not good for people with kidney problems, the food has many health benefits too.

1. Controls Diabetes

People with diabetes or high blood pressure can eat raw Petai or drink the juice of Petai because it is helpful for such diseases. From ancient times, Petai is an excellent food for controlling diabetes.

2. Promote Heart Health

According to research in medical institutes, pulses like Petai are a good source of six essential fatty acids and the properties of omega-3. So, this food can promote the heart health of people. People with heart issues can consider eating Petai for better results.

3. Contains Calcium

Another benefit of eating Petai is that it is a good source of calcium. In a half-cup of Petai, there is 75 mg of calcium. This can help in bone formation and keep the bone healthy. Calcium is helpful for treating blood clots and muscle contract.

4. Rich in Iron

Iron is essential for making healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. People who don’t have enough iron in their bodies can eat Petai because it has 2 mg of iron. The iron content is very high, so it is very healthy.

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5. Helps in Quitting Smoking

Petai is helpful for people who smoke a lot. It contains B6 and B12 vitamins, potassium, and magnesium that helps in removing the effect of nicotine from the body. Those who are looking for a natural and affordable way to quit their habit of smoking can eat Petai.

6. Contains Vitamin C

In a half-cup of Petai, there is 20 mg of vitamin C. This vitamin is enough to meet the daily need for vitamin C of a person. This helps in the growth and repair of different tissues in the body.

7. Rich in Potassium

Potassium is essential for high blood pressure, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction. So, people should eat potassium-rich foods to get these benefits. There is 224 mg of potassium in a half cup of Petai.


Petai is very healthy food and has many health benefits too. So, people can consider eating this food to avail themselves of these health benefits. We hope now you have a better idea about the benefits of Petai.                 

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