Ridge Gourd Benefits & Uses
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Ridge Gourd Benefits & Uses

Ridge gourd is a green color vegetable mostly used in Indian kitchen. This green vegetable is known as “Torai” in Hindi and it comes in two types one is the plain surface from outside and the other is the ridge surface. Ridge Gourd has lots of health benefits and many uses.

How does Ridge Gourd look?

What are the Uses of Ridge Gourd?

Ridge gourd or “Torai” used for making dishes like sambar, snacks, sabzi, dal, chutney, and Pakoda season with spices. You can also eat boiled ridge gourd.

Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd

Ridge gourd contains lots of dietary fiber, water, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Magnesium, and iron. Eating Ridge gourd can eliminate the toxins from your body and enhance metabolism. Check out the following health benefits of ridge gourd.

1. Treat Inflammation

Ridge gourd is anti inflammation food and it treats and cure the inflammation. This vegetable also responsible to treat cough and after cough throat inflammation.

2. Good For Weight Loss

“Torai” is a high dietary fiber vegetable. Eating ridge gourd can fill your stomach for longer time. It is a low calorie vegetable and contain water content that is good option for weight loss diet plan.

3. Controls Blood Sugar

If you are a diebetic patient and looking to add a diabetic friendly vegetable into your diet then Ridge gourd can be the perfect choice for you. It enriches with healthy antioxidants and very low glycemic index properties. Ridge gourd helps to control diabeties.

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4. Treats Constipation

Cellulose a natural dietary fiber in this green vegetable helps to regulate bowel movement. This is why “Torai” helps to treat constipation.

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