Side Effects Of Fig
Fruits Side Effects

Side Effects Of Fig

Side Effects Of Fig. Fig is a popular tree for its fruits and leaves that are utilized for the production of numerous medicines. They are both helpful for treating constipation, diabetes, cholesterol level, and various other diseases. These aspects make the tree of fig significant.

If everything is taken in a limited and essential quantity is helpful, but the excessive intake of beneficial things even leads to hazardous effects. Similarly, as the fig tree fruit and leaves have benefits, they also possess some side effects that can affect you harshly.

This article will inform you about some of the harsh side effects of the overdose of fig.

Side Effects of Fig

  • The leaves of the Fig tree are considered significant for various skin diseases. One thing that you need to keep in mind that it is not friendly to sun exposure. If you let your skin in the direct sunlight after applying fig leaves extracts, it can cause a harsh reaction to your skin. Try to avoid facing direct sunlight, or you can use some good quality sunblock to avoid any of these harsh effects.
  • Other than skin allergy through exposure to sunlight, one other feature is that the fig is dangerous for sensitive skin people. Severe and adverse rashes can be the result after applying fig leave extract. It is an excellent recommendation to avoid fig if you possess sensitive skin.
  • People with diabetes must be careful while taking fig fruits. Though fig has low sugar levels in it, it is prescribed to check the blood sugar level after its consumption and remain careful.
  • Fig fruits help relieve constipation, but your digestive system can badly get disrupted if anyone takes it in large amounts. It can further lead to imbalanced water and salt quantity in the body than at the optimum level. In addition to this, there can be a deficiency of essential vitamins and other nutrients, resulting in diarrhea and vomiting. It is also a clear thing that its overdose can even cause bleeding in the digestive tracts that are, intestine, stomach, and esophagus.
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It is a great and health-friendly recommendation to consult your doctor before its usage to avoid all these harmful and harsh effects. A limited dose of fig is good for the body, but it’s over intake can result in harmful and life-threatening outcomes. Prevention is better than cure. Following this famous saying, be careful while taking fig leaves, fruits, or any fig supplement.

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