Simple Ways to Stop Hiccups Instantly At Home
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Simple Ways to Stop Hiccups Instantly At Home

Hiccups are a very common issue and all of us ever experience this situation once in a lifetime. Most of the time hiccups go with the time but sometimes it is not so let us know you about the various ways to stop hiccups instantly at your home or wherever you are.

What Causes Continuous Hiccups?

Exact reason is not known but as per some studies people belief that hiccups occur when you eat anything rapidly or talking continuously with eating food. If you suffer from continues hiccups then we have the perfect solution for your hiccups.

Remedies To Stop Hiccups Instantly

Here are lots of home remedies to stop hiccups like drinking water, eat sugar or any sweet, give surprise or shock and many more. Let us lighten the home remedies to stop hiccups immediately.

1. Surprise or Shock

As per some recent studies people who have hiccups giving them surprise can stop it. This trick can shift their focus to another thing and hiccups may go away easily.

2. Breath In Breath Out

Yes, you read it right breathe in a large amount of air for 10 seconds and breathe out can stop the hiccups instantly. This breathing technique is known to be very effective for hiccups instantly.

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3. Drink A Glass Of Chilled Water

Drinking a glass of chilled water can suddenly discontinue the hiccups because it may stimulate the body nerve called vagus and discontinue the hiccups.

4. Eat Sugar

If you experience continuous hiccups then eating 1 spoon of sugar can help sometimes (don’t do this if you are diabetic or high blood sugar).


We hope these simple ways to cure Hiccups rapidly At Home may help you. If you experience hiccups for more than a day then you must have a visit your physician or doctor immediately.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Are hiccups a sign of reflux?

If you experience the regular wet hiccups then it can be a sign of GERD and acid reflux. Try our home remedies to stop hiccups instantly at home.

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