Tulsi Leaves Benefits
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Tulsi Leaves Benefits

Tulsi or Holy Basil is a holy plant that is widely found in the Asian continent mostly in the Indian subcontinent. As per Indian mythology, Tulsi regarded as another form of Lakshmi. It has lots of health benefits and very few side effects.

Holy Basil has three different types i.e Shyama Tulsi black-purple colored, Vana Tulsi, and Lakshmi Tulsi.

Holy Basil Nutrition Facts

This plant is a very good source of Vitamin E, Protein, niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate, and calcium. Holy Basil has a very high nutrition value in each mineral and vitamin.

Tulsi Other Names

It is also known as holy basil, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Sacred Plant, etc.

Types Of Tulsi

1. Shyama Tulsi: Shyama Tulsi is also known as Krishna tulsi or purple tulsi because it has purple color leaves and it has lots of health benefits.

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2. Rama Tulsi: Rama Tulsi has a green leaf and it also is known as Rama tulsi worldwide. It has an aroma flavor like a clove. It is the most common and easily available Tulsi type all across the world.

3. Vana Tulsi: Vana Tulsi is also known as wild tulsi because this type of tulsi is mostly found in forest areas. Vana Tulsi is found in Asian and East African areas.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi is very beneficial in influenza and throat infections. Tulsi has lots of benefits for skin and health also. Let us check how tulsi can give benefits to us.

1. Heals Hypertension

Yes, you heard it right chewing tulsi leaves or drinking a cup of tulsi tea can free your stress and hypertension.

2. Cure Asthma

Asthma is a breath-related problem it mostly affects people who live in polluted areas and when the weather changes asthma attacks are common. Drink a cup of tulsi leaves tea or chew two tulsi leaves a day that can treat your asthma.

3. Anti Bacterial

Tulsi leaves have anti-bacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties that can heal deadly diseases like swine flu, dengue, hepatitis, and malaria.

4. Rich in Vitamins

Tulsi is very rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, Vitamin C, and essential oils.

5. Control Blood Sugar Level

Tulsi leaves may have reduced the high level of your blood sugar. It can control the blood sugar level because of its anti-diabetic properties.

6. Balance Your Hormones

Drinking a cup of Tulsi leaves tea can balance your hormones and repair the hormones disorder. Chew the Holy basil leaves to balance your hormones.

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7. Healthy Gum & Teeth

Tulsi is also a good herb to treat your bleeding gums, tooth pain, and sore teeth. You can chew two tulsi leaves a day to repair the gum and tooth problems.

8. Treat Insect Bites

Applying Tulsi syrup on your insect bite mark can reduce the pain and repair it ASAP. Tulsi leaves may reduce the bug bites and insect bites pain.

9. Cure Headaches

Tulsi leaves tea or drinks tulsi syrup can help to reduce head pain, sore throat, cough, and chest infection.

10. Solve Skin Disorders

Drinking tulsi syrup or applying it to the skin can cure your skin disorders. This is why cosmetic companies mostly used tulsi leaves essence in their beauty products.

11. Strengthen the Immune System

Regular use of tulsi leaves can strengthen your immune system and fights infection. People who have a weak immune system are advised to take tulsi leaves regularly.

12. Treat Kidney Stones & Ailments

As per a recent study daily intake of tulsi leaves can heal kidney stones and other ailments. Holy Basil leaves also control your uric acid level.

13. Control Cholesterol

Regular eating 2-3 Tulsi leaves on an empty stomach can control your cholesterol level and reduce the chances of a Heart Attack.

14. Cure & Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a problem that is quite common nowadays but no one knows the exact reason for this chronic disease. But the good news is holy basil can cure and prevent this chronic disease called cancer. Taking 2-3 leaves on an empty stomach every day it will avert all types of cancer. Tulsi leaves benefits are unlimited if you add to your regular diet.

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Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Water in the Morning

Yes, drinking tulsi water in the morning have lots of health benefits because tulsi is very rich in vitamins and minerals as well as it also good for the skin. In the Hindu religion, they serve tulsi water in the temple as holy water and belief it can purify the human body.

What are the side effects of basil?

Holy Basil as such has no side effects but if you are allergic or take it in excess then you may face the symptoms like stomach pain, bad digestion, and mood swings. Visit your doctor if you face these signs.

Does holy basil help you sleep?

Holy Basil may control your blood sugar level. Drinking a cup of cinnamon and tulsi tea can enhance your good quality of sleep.

Is Tulsi leaves good for cough?

Yes, tulsi leaves can cure your cough and dry cough also. Drinking tulsi water for continues 4-5 days can repair your cough problems easily.

Is Tulsi good for kidneys?

Tulsi water can repair your kidney stones & improve digestion. It also enhances your digestion.

Is Tulsi good for eyes?

Tulsi leaves are used for eye treatment and ringworms in ancient times and used as natural ayurvedic treatment for eyes & skin.

What are the side effects of Tulsi?

Taking tulsi in moderate has no such side effects on health or skin. But if you take it in a high amount or more than prescribed by your doctor or physician then it might have some side effects like asthma, loose motion, stomach pain, and itchiness.

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