What Is Black Fungus, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is Black Fungus

Black fungus or Mucormycosis is a kind of fungus infection. It is the one type of fungal infection. This virus can enter your body with the contact of air, water, and soil sharing of black fungus patient. It is a very rare fungal infection and it rapidly increases in India and has patients’ graph increasing day by day.

Where Black Fungus Attacks?

It mostly occurs on the sinus and skin around the eyes. It may also damage your lungs and other body parts.

Who has the risk of Black Fungus?

Mucormycosis is a post covid challenge in Diabetic, Cancer, or Post covid 19 patients. Low immunity people have a higher chance of black fungus. It is also a deadly disease like covid 19.

Symptoms of Black Fungus

Black fungus initial symptoms are facial pain, numbness on the face, headaches, Swelling on the eye side area. These are the basic symptoms of black fungus infection. Red eyes, blood spots in the nasal area also the main symptoms of Black fungus. If you feel these kinds of symptoms and you are a post covid patient. Then you have to rush your doctor and do a sure checkup.

Treatment Options for Black Fungus

If black fungus diagnosed at an early stage then it can be treated with anti fungal therapy and sometimes surgeries. If it diagnosed very late or at last or second last stages then it involves the major surgeries and sometimes doctors have to remove the body parts like eyes and jaws to stop the spread of the virus.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can Diabetic has more chances for Black Fungus

Post-Covid diabetic patients have a higher chance of black fungus and diabetic people advised to control their blood sugar level. Regular check your blood sugar level it should be 90 to 100 in fasting and 100 to 140 after the meal.

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