Why Cardiac Arrest Occurs

Why Cardiac Arrest Occurs

Cardiac arrest is one of the most feared reasons behind death in mid-age and senile people. Today we let you know Why Cardiac Arrest Occurs and its causes. It occurs due to a sudden loss of the pumping function of the heart. It can either be reversible or irreversible, depending upon the intervention taken at that time. The management should be extremely quick and prompt to make it possible.

Have you ever wondered, what could be the possible etiology behind it? The primary mechanism involving in cardiac arrest patients could be one of these: Pulseless electrical activity, pulseless ventricular tachycardia, asystole, and ventricular fibrillation. Let us look at the essential primary causes behind this sudden mishappening-

1. Structural heart diseases

The heart constitutes complex anatomy to maintain effective circulation in your body. However, if any of these anatomical landmarks are injured, it can lead to increase risk of cardiac arrest. Some abnormalities such as myocardial infarction, conducting tissue failure, cardiac rupture, and dysfunctioning of valves can make a person more prone to cardiac arrest. The best precaution is the treatment of the following causes mentioned above.

2. Abnormalities Of Blood Vessels

The heat lodges many small and large vessels. These vessels are the primary reason behind an efficient circulation system of our body. Any abnormality in large vessels like superior vena cava, pulmonary vessels, or aorta can increase the risk to multiple times. Other diseases related to the thickness of the arterial caliber such as atherosclerosis and massive pulmonary embolism can contribute to cardiac arrest. There could also be some congenital heart diseases leading to cardiac arrest. This is Why Cardiac Arrest Occurs.

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3. Electrocution

Death occurring due to electric shock is known as electrocution. When a high voltage current gets inside your heart tissue, it initiates the process of ventricular fibrillation. The ventricular fibrillation is one of the chief pathological causes of cardiac arrest. Other electrical abnormalities like prolonged QT syndrome & Wolf Parkinson’s disease can lead to cardiac arrest.

4. Drugs

Medicines are considered as a lifesaver. However, do you know that certain drugs possessing drug interactions and side effects can worsen the situation? Antiarrhythmic drugs known to treat arrhythmia can lead to sudden episodes of cardiac arrest. Diuretics can also cause a disturbance in potassium level contributing to the risk of cardiac arrest. It is a must for everyone to know how to perform a CPR to save your loved ones before he/she receives a hospital treatment. That was a brief description of the causes of cardiac arrest. Thank you for reading!

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